The end of cages

We’re here for the animals, and everything we do is focussed on ending their suffering. We’re under no illusions—ending the suffering caused by animal agriculture is a big challenge.

But change is happening. As a result of intense campaigning efforts in the UK, over 75% of the restaurant sector has now committed to eradicating cages for laying hens in their supply chains, and all of the major retailers have pledged to stop selling eggs from caged hens.

Here are just some of the companies which have committed to going cage-free:

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Driving corporate reform for chickens

The urgency for helping chickens farmed for meat has never been greater. They make up around 95% of all land animals raised and killed for food in the UK, amounting to one billion individuals.

Chickens are often seen as nothing more than commodities, and they have been bred to grow unnaturally large in a very short period of time. As a result, they endure immense pain and suffering. This is standard practice across the whole industry.

Leading animal protection groups have come together to agree on a set of welfare criteria which will provide for the basic welfare needs of chickens and revolutionise their treatment: the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

Now, our 1 in a Billion campaign is working to get as many companies signed up to the BCC as possible. And we’re seeing inspiring results.

These are some of the companies which have signed up to the BCC as a result of our work:

Plant-based for all

We firmly believe in our two-pronged approach to saving animals. That’s why, as well as driving welfare advances, we’re committed to promoting and facilitating plant-based diets.

Alongside Veganuary, we’re working with cafes and restaurants all around the country to increase their vegan options. And, when an eatery has good plant-based options, we want to help them tell the world—so we’ll provide them with a ‘Vegan Options Inside’ sticker to tempt in passers-by.

A better world for animals is on the horizon. But there’s still so much more to do. Join us today and be a part of the change. Sign up to volunteer or become an online activist now!

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