Empowering change

We have the power to invoke change. Our reach is immense, and we are working to educate people about the reality of animal agriculture and their own ability to make a difference.

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In response to online ads, OVER 18 MILLION PEOPLE watched a video about the cruelties of factory farming

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People are responding to our outreach: 570,000 VEG STARTER GUIDES distributed by volunteers and online

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As part of our outreach 160,000 YOUNG PEOPLE received literature about factory farming cruelty and compassionate food choices

Growing the Movement

Our success is fueled by a strong and growing body of supporters around the world. We actively seek to empower our movement by building local, regional, international and virtual groups of concerned individuals.

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Campus organizers are learning to be future leaders at 60 COLLEGES

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Support is growing worldwide: 390,000 GRASSROOTS ACTIVISTS engaged in farm animal advocacy

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As a result of in-school presentations 6,500 STUDENTS reached with humane education

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Our virtual volunteer team has over 3,700 ACTIVISTS

Driving Progress

The first step is to demand a reduction in the immense suffering of animals by improving their welfare. Our campaigns focus on the major corporations that profit from the cruelty, exposing the reality of how animals are treated, and leveraging our activist and supporter network to apply public pressure.

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We launched the 88% Campaign with the goal of improving the lives of billions of animals

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The Open Wing Alliance is winning major global victories for laying hens around the world

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Our international team is creating change through local and regional initiatives


Millions of farm animals have been impacted by changes championed by The Humane League and our supporters. These are some of the companies that have improved conditions for farm animals as a result of a campaign by The Humane League.

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